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The Warning Signs of Foundation Problems

There are many factors that contribute to foundation problems or structural issues.  At Top Level Foundation Solutions, LLC, we know that your home or commercial structure is very important to you. This is why we pride ourselves on accurately identifying and professionally repairing our client’s foundation problems. Give us a call today. We’ll be happy to apply our 20-plus years of experience to your home’s unique needs.

  1. Evaporation
    Lack of rain or heat can cause soil to shrink beneath your foundation. This can cause cracks to appear in the foundation as well as throughout the structure.
  2. Plantings near the structure
    Many clients do not consider plantings near the structure as potential causes of foundation problems or other structural issues. Trees and other landscaping roots may grow beneath the foundation causing the soil to expand or shrink and the structure to settle.
  3. Plumbing Leaks
    Water from plumbing leaks near or beneath the structure can erode soil and damage the foundation.
  4. Drainage
    Improper drainage is a leading cause of foundation problems. Excess moisture can erode soil and cause settlement.
  5. Poor quality Foundation Construction
    Lack of or insufficient steel or poor concrete can contribute to movement in the slab.     
  6. Poor quality Ground Preparation
    Soft soils or improperly compacted soil can lead to foundation failure and structural issues. Fill dirt installed during construction should be compacted to meet and exceed local and national building codes.


Sagging floors, walls or ceilings. Cracks in interior moldings, sheetrock or windows and doors that do not operate or operate poorly. Cracking in exterior veneers such as stucco, brick or stone. Separation of moldings from adjacent windows, doors or other finished surfaces. Cracked or splitting concrete floors, walkways or driveways.
Signs listed above may suggest a problem but ultimately a licensed professional contractor or structural engineer is the best resource to determine if structural issues exist and their extent.
Top Level Foundation Solutions, LLC prides itself on investigating potential structural issues through site visits, client input and years of experience along with input from a structural engineer to determine if there are structural issues and their solution. We are dedicated to providing long term solutions to all structural issues. Top Level Foundation Solutions, LLC works with local, licensed structural engineers who provide Site Specific Engineering for each project that we perform.
Site Specific Engineering is important because solutions and recommendations are tailored specifically to the client’s residential or commercial structure. Site Specific Engineering includes a site visit and evaluation by a licensed local structural engineer. The client is then provided with a signed and sealed engineer’s report that includes potential causes, recommended repairs and all structural calculations for each structural issue.
Each project is performed following the structural engineers report. Clients are updated daily or as much as possible by onsite personnel. Top Level Foundation Solutions, LLC also provides a project packet at the end of the project containing all signed project documents, field notes, change orders as well as digital pictures taken throughout the project. For an additional cost, clients may also hire a structural engineer to perform periodic inspections.
All site specific engineering is included in the cost of the project quoted.

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Top Level Foundation Solutions

Top Level offer a number of solutions to your foundation problems, just a few are listed below

  • Helical Auger Foundation Anchors
  • Push Pile Foundation Anchor
  • Kevlar Reinforcing Straps
  • Structural Concrete
  • Waterproofing
  • French Drains