Kevlar Reinforcing Straps


Kevlar reinforcing straps are used to fix foundation issues by strengthening and supporting load bearing concrete and masonry walls that have become structurally unsound and show visible signs like cracking and bowing or significant deflection.  The straps may be used on both interior and exterior faces of wall systems to fix foundation issues.  They may be used above and below grade and may be coated with stucco, siding or paint to conceal them from view.  Water, excessive soil pressure, plants or trees to close to a structure or shifting soils are a few of the factors that may contribute to the failure of load bearing concrete and masonry walls.  Straps vary in width from 4” to 10” and can be produced in lengths from 8’ to 30’.  Layout of the strap systems follow the specifications outlined for each project in the site specific engineering report provided by the engineer.

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