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Both helical auger and push pile anchor repair systems are applicable for existing structures, however, helical auger anchors are the preferred solution for new construction foundation reinforcement.  New construction installations of the helical auger anchoring systems support the concrete footings when adequate compaction or support cannot be obtained from existing soils.  The anchors are installed prior to the concrete footings being cast.  The anchors, once driven to depth, as well as the top bracket caps serve as a platform for the new concrete footing.  Existing construction installations are for foundations that have failed or are in the process of failing.  The existing concrete footing is excavated and the anchoring systems are bolted directly to the footing.  Helical auger anchors are installed to depth using a hydraulic torque head and then pre-tensioned using 20 ton hydraulic jacks.  Push piles are installed to depth using the weight of the structure and hydraulic cylinders to a specified resistance pressure.  Both anchoring systems are installed at locations around the structure and installed to depth or resistance pressure specified for each project in the site specific engineering report.  Depth of anchors will vary depending on existing soil type, weight of structure to be supported and other site specific factors. A minimum depth of 20 feet is the standard quoted depth per anchor unless the engineer specifies otherwise.

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Top Level Foundation Solutions

Top Level offer a number of solutions to your foundation problems, just a few are listed below

  • Helical Auger Foundation Anchors
  • Push Pile Foundation Anchor
  • Kevlar Reinforcing Straps
  • Structural Concrete
  • Waterproofing
  • French Drains